Dyson’s lightest cordless vacuum yet now for sale in the US – CNET

The Dyson Micro 1.5kg is Dyson’s lightest cordless vacuum to date.


Dyson’s lightest cordless vacuum cleaner, the $400 Micro 1.5kg, is now on sale in the US. Tipping the scales at 3.31 pounds (1.5 kilograms), the Micro is less than half the weight of Dyson’s latest flagship stick vac, the $750 V15 Detect.

Of course, there is a tradeoff for that reduction in heft. According to Dyson, the Micro’s battery provides up to 20 minutes of run time. By comparison, the V15 has a rated cleaning time of up to 60 minutes. The Micro’s dustbin is smaller too, at 0.05-gallon (0.8 cups). That’s one-fourth the size of the V15’s dustbin, which fits 0.2-gallon (3.2 cups).

The Dyson Micro comes with the “micro fluffy cleaner head” attachment for hard flooring.


You don’t get the V15 Detect’s fancy, floor-illuminating laser emitter on the Micro, either. That said, the Micro costs close to half as much — and Dyson does include a few welcome features and accessories. These include a crevice tool with its own handy LED light, a “micro fluffy cleaner head” for hard flooring, plus a wall-mount charging dock.

You also get a wall mount charger with the Dyson Micro 1.5kg vacuum.


Also keep in mind that while the Micro is light, it isn’t the only compact option around. Other stick vacs come close to its featherweight status. For instance, the Eureka RapidClean Pro weighs only 5.3 pounds. Not too shabby considering it costs just $155 and promises a run time of 40 minutes.


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