Elac upgrades Uni-Fi Reference speakers with better bass and compatibility – CNET

Elac has announced the new Uni-Fi Reference speaker, less than 12 months after debuting the Uni-Fi 2.0, and which incorporates performance and cosmetic upgrades.

Like the Uni-Fi 2.0, this is a three-way design with a bass driver and a concentric mid driver and tweeter. As well as resembling the Debut Reference the new Uni-Fi also includes a 6.5-inch (aluminum) bass driver. 

The Uni-Fi Reference series offers “significant performance improvements such as cast chassis for both the concentric and bass drivers, newly developed bass and concentric drivers, enhanced bracing, improved crossover design, along with luxury cosmetics,” said James Krodel, senior vice president of sales for ELAC.


Elac UBR62 $1000


Like the Uni-Fi 2.0, the Reference offers better compatibility with AV receivers, improved internal bracing and has “better low- frequency response [than] any previous Uni-Fi bookshelf speaker,” the company says.

The range consists of three models: 

  • UBR62-BK/W Uni-Fi Reference 6.5-inch, 3-way concentric bookshelf speaker: $1,000
  • UCR52-BK/W Uni-Fi Reference 5.25-inch, 3-way concentric center speaker: $600 
  • UFR52-BK/W Uni-Fi Reference 5.25-inch 3-way concentric floor standing speaker $2,000 pair

The $999 Uni-Fi UBR62 is the most intriguing of the three designs and looks like it could give the $900 Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 Series Anniversary Edition a run for its money. Elac’s speakers have impressed CNET’s reviewers for years and its Debut 2.0 B6.2 is one of the best budget speakers you can buy.

The Uni-Fi Reference series will be available in late June.


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