Google’s Suez Canal Easter egg brings boatloads of fun – CNET

Ever Given ship

Google is joining in on the celebration after the Ever Given ship was finally freed on Monday. 

Getty Images

Now that the Ever Given cargo ship has finally been freed after spending nearly a week stuck in the Suez Canal, Google has launched a celebratory Easter egg in its Search results. A search for “Suez Canal” and “Ever Given” pulls up an animation of little boats rolling across the top of the page. 

Egypt’s Suez Canal is one of the most critical waterways in the world. It connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, allowing for direct shipping from Europe to Asia. Around 12% of the world’s trade and a significant part of its oil supply goes through the canal. 

The 1,312-foot-long Ever Given ship blocked the Suez Canal for around six days, causing delays in cargo shipments of everything from food to clothing to oil. A handful of tugboats helped to refloat the ship on Sunday, and it was eventually fully freed on Monday.


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