Loki Charms cereal: Marvel gets marshmallowy ahead of Disney Plus show – CNET

Loki has a different idea for how the Lucky Charms box should look.

Lucky Charms video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

On Wednesday, when the Disney Plus show Loki premieres, you won’t have to wonder what kind of snack food to serve for your viewing party. It’s gotta be cereal. The mischievous Marvel anti-hero is taking over Lucky Charms, transforming them into Loki Charms. 

The usual Lucky Charms mascot is Lucky the Leprechaun, but Tom Hiddleston’s trickster is replacing the packaging for a limited edition run of the cereal. The famous catchphrase “They’re magically delicious” has been tweaked to “They’re mischievously delicious.”

Lucky Charms teased the look of the box on Monday with an animated video. The packaging goes all in on Loki’s favorite black and green color scheme. The contents, however, will be the familiar crunchy shapes alongside the usual colorful marshmallows that look like hearts, clovers and unicorns.

Getting your hands on a box might be a little tricky. Fans will need to visit the mischievouslydelicious.com website on Wednesday to buy a box. The presale opens at 6 a.m. PT “for participants who correctly guess the encryption password.” You’ll have to check the site to try your hand at figuring out the password. The regular sale for password-less people starts at 8 a.m. PT. 

According to Comicbook.com, the cereal will cost $8 per box and only be 3,500 boxes will be available. While General Mills missed the opportunity to make Marvel-shaped marshmallows (I’d like some edible Infinity Stones, please), the amusing box design and wordplay is what makes this marketing stunt work. 

So stock up on milk and check out our Loki refresher before the premiere. The God of Mischief is about to become the God of Munchies.


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