The Flash director hints at Michael Keaton Batman’s return – CNET


A classic cinematic Caped Crusader is preparing to make his return.

Warner Bros.

We’ve known Michael Keaton is making his comeback as Batman in 2022 DC superhero movie The Flash for a while, but on Friday director Andy Muschietti offered a visual tease on Instagram. He shared a shot of the 1989 Batman logo, suggesting Keaton’s Bruce Wayne will wear some version of his original movie costume.

Ominously, there’s also some blood spattered across the bat symbol. However, Keaton’s Batman killed a bunch of people in the ’89 movie and 1992’s Batman Returns, so it’s hardly the first time his suit’s been bloodied. It’s also vaguely reminiscent of the Watchmen logo

Keaton and Ben Affleck will both play Batman in the multiverse-spanning Flash, which hits theaters Nov. 4, 2022. It’s supposedly Affleck’s last time donning the cowl, but Keaton is rumored to be sticking around to play Batman in other films, a bit like Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


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