Volkswagen to adopt ‘Voltswagen’ name in shift to EVs – Roadshow

Volkswagen: Coming with 100% more “volt.”

Andrew Trahan Photography

In what sounds suspiciously like an early April Fools joke, Volkswagen will rename its US operations “Voltswagen of America” to signify its shift to electric cars. Except this is not me trying to pull your leg. Roadshow can confirm the authenticity of this announcement, which USA Today first reported on Monday.

The newspaper first spotted a release, meant to publish April 29 and now deleted, that detailed the brand’s shift to the “Voltswagen” name here in the US. The shift will see future EVs from the automaker wear the name on the exterior of the car, while cars without an electric powertrain will simply wear the “VW” badge. A dark blue color will feature on the VW logo for its cars with an internal-combustion engine, while EVs will receive a light blue look. As of now, these changes will not extend to other countries beyond the US. Volkswagen declined to comment.

The brand continues to invest aggressively in electrification and battery technologies following its diesel emissions scandal last decade, and plans for a host of new EVs for the US this decade. It starts with the ID 4 SUV, though we’ll also likely see an electric sedan, wagon and the production version of the ID Buzz van. Each will ride on the automaker’s MEB platform, which aims to mass produce affordable EVs. And each one of them will be known as a Voltswagen going forward. Get that “k” out of your mind, folks. It’s gone. VW tossed it right out the window.


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