Work out with the Xiaomi Mi, a step above budget smartwatches but only $122 – CNET


You can jog on the road well traveled, but you’ll often pay full retail for it. Smartwatches like the Apple Watch Series 6 and Fitbit Sense are great health and fitness-focused devices, but they’re pretty expensive. At the other end of the spectrum, CNET’s Lexy Savvides has covered the best budget smartwatches under $100. I’ve got some middle ground for you today: The surprisingly fully-configured Xiaomi Mi Sports Edition usually sells for $175, but right now you can get the Xiaomi Mi for just $121. That’s within a 20-spot of the $100 price point, but it’s better equipped than most run of the mill watches. 

This smartwatch comes from Xiaomi, which is no stranger to wearables or fitness. You have probably heard of a little gadget called the Mi Band, which dates back to 2014 and along with Fitbit is one of the best-known wearables ever made. 

This more modern fitness device does a little of everything — it can track your workouts, of course, and has GPS built in so you can leave your phone at home. It reports your heart rate, VO2 Max, recovery time and a handful of other important workout metrics. 

Borrowing features from premium (and not so premium) smartwatches, the Mi has sleep tracking, a SpO2 sensor and is waterproof to 5ATM. The battery is should run for no less than two weeks on a charge. 

Would I spent $175 on this watch? No, probably not — there’s no app store, for example, so it looks like you get whatever comes in the box, with little opportunity for growth. And just because Xiaomi manages to tick a bunch of boxes — GPS, VO2 Max, SPO2 and so on — doesn’t mean it handles those capabilities elegantly. I’d need to spend some time with it hands-on to say for sure, and I haven’t had that opportunity. CNET hasn’t reviewed the Xiaomi Mi, either, but I’ve scanned reviews — both professional and user — and it’s garnered enough praise that I think it’s a solid value for $121. 

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